Zombie Knives: UK Ban and Explanation

Government Introduces Ban on Zombie-Style Knives and Machetes

In a significant move, the government has taken action to ban the possession of zombie-style knives and machetes. These deadly weapons have raised concerns, leading to a crackdown on their ownership. But what exactly are these weapons, and why is there such a sudden effort to restrict them?

Understanding Zombie Knives

Zombie knives are bladed weapons inspired by horror movies featuring zombies. These knives can have blades that reach up to two feet in length and often come with serrated edges and decorative etchings that glamorize violence. The name “zombie knives” originates from their resemblance to weapons seen in “zombie apocalypse” films. These items are sometimes marketed as collector’s pieces, coming in eye-catching colors and adorned with intimidating words like “zombie killer” or “slayer.” They can even be sold under labels like “machetes” or “swords,” exaggerating their menacing appearance.

Instances of Concern

Instances of these knives being used in dangerous situations have prompted action. In one case, a cyclist was captured on video using a zombie knife to attempt to smash a car window during a road rage incident. The use of such a foot-long blade in this confrontation left the car’s driver in a life-threatening situation. The police have also confiscated large “zombie swords” during vehicle stops, highlighting the real danger these weapons pose.

UK Ban on Zombie Knives

The UK government addressed the issue by passing the Offensive Weapons Act 2019, making it illegal to bring, sell, hire, lend, or give zombie knives to anyone. On August 29, 2023, the Home Office announced further measures to address the problem. The definition of a zombie knife would now include any bladed weapon longer than eight inches with a plain-cutting edge and sharp pointed end, featuring multiple holes in the blade or multiple sharp points. Those found in possession of such weapons could face a maximum sentence of two years for importation, manufacturing, possession, and sale.

Government’s Perspective

Policing minister Chris Philp emphasized the importance of curbing the presence of these dangerous weapons. He stated, “Zombie-style knives and machetes serve no other purpose but to inflate criminal egos and endanger lives. There is no reason to own these types of weapons.” The government’s stance reflects the need to prioritize public safety and reduce the availability of items that contribute to violence.

In conclusion, the UK government’s introduction of a ban on zombie-style knives and machetes marks a proactive step toward ensuring public safety. By defining and restricting these dangerous weapons, authorities are working to prevent potential harm and maintain a safer environment for all.

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