We’re fighting council over plans to demolish our neighbour’s ‘perfectly good’ £300k home – now it’s turned violent

Protest Takes a Violent Turn as House Demolition for Cycle Path Sparks Clash

A peaceful protest turned chaotic when a van driver attacked a demonstrator during a dispute over the demolition of a £300,000 house to make way for a new cycle path. The incident unfolded in Pontprennau, Cardiff, where outraged neighbors had initiated a “Save Number 43” campaign to halt the destruction of the four-bedroom property for the construction of a cycle route leading to a new housing development.

Frustration escalated as families engaged in a sit-down protest on the roadway. The situation took a dark turn when a van driver, visibly angered, left his vehicle to confront a protester. Video footage captured the driver physically confronting and repeatedly punching the protester.

Local authorities are now investigating the alleged assault that occurred during the demonstration. The protest, which aimed to be peaceful, blocked a portion of Ty Draw Road in the city, but alternate routes remained open with only minor diversions needed.

A spokesperson for the protesters stated, “Our intention was never to disrupt people’s daily activities. We were assured by the police that peaceful demonstrations would not pose issues.” The protester expressed shock at the aggressive response that unfolded during what they believed would be a nonviolent protest.

The house, situated in a suburban cul-de-sac, will be demolished to create a cycle route leading to an “affordable” housing development. Developers at Edenstone Group noted that the decision to develop the housing project followed a standard democratic planning process, which included public consultation.

Despite the conflict, the developers emphasized their commitment to avoiding unnecessary disruption to the community due to protest actions. The incident involving the motorist was not directly connected to their development, and they expressed concern for the well-being of all parties involved.

Previously, local residents had contested the proposed cycle path and footpath through their cul-de-sac. A petition titled “Save Number 43” garnered support from nearly 300 individuals, urging Cardiff Council to reject the pathway plans. Concerns centered around the potential loss of privacy and the risk of increased crime rates due to the pathway’s creation.

Joanna Fashan, a resident, presented the petition to Cardiff Council’s planning committee, highlighting the reasons behind the opposition. She mentioned that the neighborhood had been deliberately chosen for its safety and tranquility, which could be compromised by the introduction of the new cycle route.

In the midst of differing viewpoints and a clash of interests, the incident underscores the challenges of balancing community concerns with development projects.

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