Trump’s Ex-Spokesperson Unveils Riveting Redemption Tale for Addiction Triumph

EXCLUSIVE: Tim Murtaugh's Redemption Story and Trump Campaign Memoir

Working for the former president was "the highest honor" of Tim Murtaugh's career, the former 2020 Trump campaign communications director revealed in an exclusive interview with Fox News Digital. Murtaugh is gearing up to release his new book, "Swing Hard in Case You Hit It," available for pre-order on Amazon and set for release in April.

In this candid account, Murtaugh shares his journey from battling alcoholism to reaching the pinnacle of the political world on the 2020 Trump campaign. The idea for the book stemmed from political opposition researchers attempting to spin his past legal troubles into negative stories about the Trump campaign.

"I wanted to tell this story on my terms to take away the power of some of these dark times in my life," Murtaugh expressed, "and hopefully help other alcoholics see that there can be a pathway through for them as well."

His recovery, fueled by the support of his wife, family, and friends, allowed him to experience extraordinary moments during the Trump 2020 campaign. Murtaugh promised, "This is far from a regular political book."

Fox News Digital obtained exclusive excerpts from the book, revealing a unique perspective on the Trump 2020 presidential re-election campaign. However, Murtaugh clarifies in the preface that the book is not solely about that race or Donald J. Trump. Instead, it delves into his life's journey, poor choices, and the near-loss of everything he had worked for.

"Swing Hard in Case You Hit It" covers a range of topics, from Trump rallies and COVID to Election Day 2020 and the events of Jan. 6, 2021, and beyond. The title itself harks back to advice from his father before baseball practice: "Swing hard in case you hit it."

As the grandson of Danny Murtaugh, manager of the Pittsburgh Pirates and two-time World Series winner, Murtaugh's book alternates between stories of the 2020 Trump campaign, leading communications for the re-election, and his personal struggles with alcohol addiction.

His hope is that the book serves as inspiration for others battling alcoholism. "I truly hope that my story can help other alcoholics to get closer to being sober," Murtaugh said.

"Swing Hard in Case You Hit It" is a testament to Murtaugh's resilience, detailing his last drink in May 2015 amid legal troubles. Despite being critical of Hunter Biden, Murtaugh emphasizes in the book that he refrained from targeting the president's son over his addiction because he "understood" the struggles.

The book, published by Bombardier Books, an imprint of Post Hill Press, promises readers an engaging narrative that transcends the typical political memoir. Tim Murtaugh's story is one of triumph over adversity, personal growth, and the honor of working for President Trump.

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