Survivors of fatal migrant shipwreck sue authorities for lack of rescue efforts in Greece

Survivors Sue Over Deadly Migrant Shipwreck in Greece

Legal Action Taken Against Greek Authorities for Alleged Negligence

Survivors of a tragic migrant shipwreck that occurred in southern Greece three months ago are taking legal action against the authorities. They claim that the authorities failed to respond promptly and rescue passengers before their ship capsized in international waters. This incident, which happened in mid-June, is believed to have claimed the lives of hundreds of migrants.

The ship involved was a modified fishing trawler, and it sank south of Greece. During its journey from Libya to Italy, the Greek coast guard had been monitoring its progress. Unfortunately, only 104 people, all of them males, were rescued from the sea, and 82 bodies, with just one being a woman, were recovered.

The remaining passengers, including women and children, sank in one of the deepest parts of the Mediterranean. In this area, the sea depths reach around 13,000 feet, making any recovery of the vessel and victims nearly impossible.

Survivors Contest Official Account

Many survivors dispute the official account that claims the coast guard repeatedly offered assistance, which was rejected by those on board. They contend that there was a failed attempt to tow the vessel to safety just before it capsized and sank.

On Wednesday, a lawsuit was filed on behalf of 40 survivors against “all parties responsible” at the port of Piraeus, near Athens. The plaintiffs argue that the coast guard didn’t act promptly to rescue passengers on board what they describe as an obviously unseaworthy and overloaded fishing vessel. This lawsuit seeks to hold the Greek authorities accountable for their actions and omissions, with the aim of attributing criminal responsibility, as stated by three volunteer organizations of lawyers and migrant rights groups assisting the case.

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