Pitbull puppy in California treated after exposure to fentanyl, owners could be charged with animal cruelty

Pit Bull Puppy Overcomes Fentanyl Scare, Owners Face Legal Consequences

In a startling incident, a pit bull puppy in California had a close call with fentanyl, but fortunately, it received the necessary medical intervention and is now on the path to recovery. Meanwhile, the owners, a man and a woman, find themselves in legal trouble, potentially facing charges related to drug possession and animal cruelty, as revealed by the Irvine Police Department.

The unusual situation unfolded during what authorities describe as a “consensual” encounter between the couple and the police outside a Walmart on a Wednesday. It was during this interaction that officers stumbled upon fentanyl inside the couple’s vehicle, leading to their immediate arrest, according to department spokesperson Kyle Oldoerp.

The unfolding drama took an even more unexpected turn when the female suspect expressed concern about her dog potentially suffering from an overdose. Astonishingly, this was not the first time the pit bull had encountered such a dangerous situation. Oldoerp shared these details with the Los Angeles Times, stating, “She knew the symptoms because it was the second time the dog had overdosed.”

The mystery surrounding how the dog came into contact with the potent drug remains unsolved, given that fentanyl is known to be up to 50 times stronger than heroin. Even minuscule amounts, as little as 2 milligrams, can prove fatal to humans. Fortunately, dogs are less sensitive to the drug, offering a glimmer of hope for the pit bull.

Oldoerp commented, “If they’re using drugs in their car, we can only speculate,” shedding light on the perplexing circumstances.

Following the apprehension of the owners, officers promptly administered naloxone, an overdose-reversing drug, to the distressed canine. The results were remarkably swift, with the pit bull showing signs of improvement.

For now, the identities of the man and woman involved in this peculiar incident remain undisclosed. The fate of the puppy hangs in the balance, pending a hearing to determine whether it should be returned to its owners, as reported by the Times.

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