Georgia correctional officer allegedly killed at state prison by convicted murderer with ‘homemade weapon’

Tragedy Strikes at Georgia State Prison: Correctional Officer Fatally Assaulted

In a heartbreaking incident at a Georgia state prison, a convicted murderer allegedly killed a correctional officer and assaulted another inmate. The incident occurred at Smith State Prison on a fateful Sunday.

Officer Attacked During Duty

Officer Robert Clark, aged 42, was performing his duties, escorting two inmates from the prison’s dining hall. Unexpectedly, one of the inmates, identified as Layton Lester, attacked Officer Clark from behind using a “homemade weapon.” This shocking assault took place, as confirmed by the Georgia Department of Corrections in a news release.

A Courageous Attempt to Help

Marko Willingham, the other inmate under Officer Clark’s escort, bravely tried to intervene and help his fellow officer. Tragically, Layton Lester assaulted Willingham as well during the incident, adding to the unfolding tragedy, according to the agency.

Outcome of the Assault

Officer Clark and Marko Willingham were rushed to local hospitals for medical care. Officer Clark, however, succumbed to his injuries at the hospital, while Marko Willingham is currently hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries.

A Mourning Community

Commissioner Tyrone Oliver expressed the deep sorrow of the entire GDC team, mourning the loss of Officer Clark. He extended their heartfelt condolences to Officer Clark’s family and friends, vowing to support them through this tragic period.

Clark’s Dedicated Service

Officer Clark had been serving at Smith State Prison since April, according to information from the GDC.

Convicted Murderer Faces Additional Charges

Layton Lester, already a convicted murderer serving a life sentence for a 2007 deadly armed robbery, now faces additional charges related to Officer Clark’s death and the assault on Marko Willingham, according to jail records.

Governor Kemp’s Condolences

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp offered his condolences to Officer Clark’s family and the Georgia Department of Corrections after the tragic loss. He called on the community to join in prayers for Officer Clark’s family and the department during this difficult time.

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