Biden’s Tax Talk: President’s Son Skips His Share!

Hunter Biden's Tax Woes Cast Shadow on Biden's Call for Wealthy to Pay Up

In a surprising turn of events, Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden, is facing nine tax-related charges in California. The charges shed a revealing light on President Biden's persistent calls for the wealthy to pay their fair share of taxes.

Allegedly, Hunter Biden carried out a scheme spanning four years, evading around $1.4 million in federal taxes. This occurred during a time when his father was deeply involved in the presidential campaign. Special Counsel David Weiss detailed that Hunter manipulated his company's payroll and tax process, withdrawing millions outside of the established system.

Rather than settling his tax bills, Hunter reportedly indulged in a lavish lifestyle, spending extravagantly on escorts and illegal drugs. In 2018, he stopped paying overdue taxes for the year 2015. If convicted, Hunter Biden could face up to 17 years in prison.

President Biden, who has consistently advocated for the wealthy to pay their fair share, now finds himself in a challenging spot as his son stands accused of tax evasion. Despite his son's alleged actions, the President has not wavered in his call for tax fairness.

Throughout the 2020 campaign, Joe Biden frequently urged corporations and the rich to contribute their fair share. He promised to reverse Trump's policies benefiting the super-wealthy and corporations. Even in the early days of his presidency, Biden continued to emphasize the need for the wealthy to pay more in taxes.

Despite Hunter Biden's tax troubles, President Biden has maintained his stance on tax reform, proposing to double the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to tackle tax evasion. He has consistently argued that paying higher taxes is a patriotic duty and emphasized the importance of growing the economy from the bottom up.

The recent indictment has put the Biden family under scrutiny, raising questions about the President's commitment to his own tax rhetoric. As the legal proceedings unfold, the Biden administration faces the challenge of reconciling its message on tax fairness with the actions of the President's son.

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