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p>UK’s Largest "Man Cave" Owner Banned from Filming Neighbors and Clogging Road with Classic Cars

Meet Graham Wildin, the millionaire with the UK’s largest "man cave." This 10,000-square-foot pad, nestled in Cirencester, Gloucestershire, has it all: a bowling alley, a casino, and a cinema. But here’s the catch – Wildin built it without planning permission back in 2014.

Court Battles and Classic Cars

Wildin has been in quite the legal tangle over his impressive man cave. Despite multiple court orders instructing him to dismantle it, he simply refused. In fact, he even did some jail time for ignoring one of these orders last year.

But now, there’s a new twist in the tale. Wildin’s fleet of classic cars, including a grey Bentley Turbo R, a yellow convertible Jenson-Healey sports car, and a burgundy Austin 1100, has drawn attention. A judge recently slapped him with an "interim injunction" to prevent him from causing trouble for his neighbors.

Parking and CCTV Restrictions

The injunction comes with a few rules. First, Wildin can’t park more than two of his classic cars on the street. Second, he’s not allowed to cover the area with CCTV cameras. If he doesn’t follow these rules, there’s even the threat of arrest. Wildin, however, plans to appeal this injunction.

Neighbors’ Complaints

Wildin’s neighbors have long accused him of harassment. They’ve had enough of the constant surveillance and the inconsiderate parking of his cars. One resident couldn’t use her driveway because Wildin’s cars blocked her way. Others complained about their parking spaces being taken over while they were at work.

Some even say he plays "cat and mouse" with his classic cars, causing parking chaos on purpose. It’s a situation that’s making life tough for the people living nearby.

A Series of Defeats

This isn’t the first time Wildin has tangled with the courts. He’s faced five defeats in court, with the first one coming in 2018. The court initially gave him until April 2020 to remove the man cave, but he didn’t comply and ended up with a suspended sentence in 2021. An appeal against the sentence also failed, and he was ordered to demolish the complex by March 2022.

But he didn’t stop there. When he continued to defy the court’s orders, he ended up in jail. After his release, he had to strip the man cave’s interior to make it unusable, but even that deadline expired without compliance. Now, he’s facing more costs for not adhering to the court’s decisions.

Wildin’s Defense

During the latest hearing, Wildin maintained his innocence, claiming he doesn’t shout or swear. He showed an aerial photo to the judge, pointing out that most of the cars on the street aren’t his. According to him, the CCTV was installed to protect his cars because of neighbors covering the road with taller units.

Despite his arguments, an injunction for alleged anti-social behavior was issued jointly by the police and the district council. Wildin’s epic "man cave" saga continues, leaving neighbors frustrated and the courts busy.

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